TIMFRAM™ is our own bespoke interactive software system for the engineering design of timber framed construction projects. As well as being used by our own engineers, the system is also marketed as a stand alone package to timber manufacturers/designers.

Differentiating it from other software systems currently available, is the fact that each module within the programme is linked to all others, so that whereas many other systems provide a solution for structural elements in isolation, TIMFRAM™ integrates each element into a holistic design solution for the complete project. All aspects of the complete design are therefore covered, as follows:

The system is constantly refined to keep abreast of changes to British Standards and upgrades are issued free of charge, subject to an annual support agreement being taken out at the time of purchase.  

The system is based on the recognised TRADA ‘platform’ method of construction.

The latest version of TIMFRAM™ is capable of producing the engineering calculations for timber frame buildings of up to six storeys in height and also accommodates the latest requirements for disproportionate collapse.


We are currently re-writing TIMFRAM™ to reflect Eurocode standards. We expect the new version to be available later this year.

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