Project:, Sun Hill, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Client:  Bernard Olesinski Ltd

Architect: Rainey Petrie Johns

Contractor: Stoneham Construction

Contract Value: £250000

The design brief was for a state-of-the-art design studio with column-free floor space and fully glazed elevations to permit maximum levels of natural light. This created some interesting challenges in respect of the interior support of the structure and the lateral stability of the external walls. The solution was to use a glulam portal frame for the main elevation, which supported roof trusses of softwood timber tensioned up with stainless steel rods suspended from tube hangers. The glulam portal frames provided the horizontal resistance to wind loads and the stainless steel rods in combination with the softwood ridge provided the truss action, which was necessary to span between the walls. The final design was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.   The building is in a landslip zone so piled foundations were chosen to transmit loads to a suitable depth.

The structural challenges in the design of a clearspan building on a confined site are daunting enough; but doing it beautifully as well, is another matter entirely. The enthusiastic team at Cowan Consultancy achieved just that in a pleasant and professional way. Visitors to our new office always notice the roof structure and make positive comments about it – and that speaks for itself.


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