Project: School Expansion Programme, Isle of Wight

Client:  Property Services, Isle of Wight Council

Architect: Various

Contractor: Various

Contract Value: £100000 to £2m

Whiteley • Hampshire • Tel 01489 577488

Shanklin • Isle of Wight • Tel 01983 868497

The Isle of Wight Council’s commitment to educational excellence has likewise necessitated the provision of state of the art modern, functional and inspiring school buildings. Correspondingly, we pride ourselves on having matched this pre-requisite with the highest level of engineering technology within the constraints of each project’s funding allocation and programme requirements. As a result, we have used our experience to create innovative forms of structure, quite often on sites of geotechnical complexity requiring unorthodox, yet practical, solutions. The expansion programme involved the construction of new classroom blocks, halls and ancillary areas to schools across the Island and included the creation of a landmark Centre of Excellence. Timber-framed systems were utilised throughout as this form of construction has many benefits and is fully compliant with the Council’s requirement for employing ‘modern methods of construction’. Maximisation of team effort combined with continuity of individual team members has enabled the successful achievement of set goals on each project and on the programme overall.

The services provided by Cowan were more than satisfactory and the individuals involved played an important role as part of the project team in ensuring the successful completion of each project.


3 Turnberry House • 4400 Parkway • Whiteley • Hampshire • PO15 7FJ  Tel 01489 577488 • Fax 01489 579873

Landguard Manor • Landguard Manor Road • Shanklin • Isle of Wight PO37 7JB  Tel 01983 868497 • Fax 01983 865781

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