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Project: 38 Southampton Road, Ringwood, Hampshire

Client: Orchard Homes & Developments Ltd

Architect: M2 Architecture

Contractor: Covers Timber Structures

Contract Value: £2.5m (estimated)

This project presented many challenging architectural features for the timber frame engineer and Cowan Consultancy delivered a series of excellent solutions

Timber Frame Contractor

This attractive development contains a mix of houses and apartments originally detailed as traditional brick and block construction but finally realised in timber-frame. The roof structure required careful structural consideration due to the room in the roof particularly at the hip ends, where cranked steel purlins and posts were required. The second floor layout differed from that at first and required clever use of posts and floor beams to transfer loads to the ground.  Much of the ground floor comprised of open car ports thus vastly reducing the reliance on racking walls and affecting overall stability. This presented a very challenging structural problem which we solved with careful use of sheathed floor and wall diaphragms.  Some of the glazed bay windows could not be supported using cantilevered floor joists and so a solution was derived using cantilevered sheathed cheek panels to the sides of the bay and fixed back to the main building.

Designed and built by: DoctorOgo Computer Services